Information, specs, FAQ’s, and more

The story of the homes: These were first used as homes for the victims of the 2011 Minot, North Dakota flood. The following yea, David Harris and his colleagues formed ND Housing Solutions and purchased numerous lots for the GSA to begin offering housing for the Bakken area workers. From 2012-2017 these homes were managed by a full-time, on-site manager who maintained them to a “like new” condition. Along with a regular maintenance schedule, we have continued to upgrade them to stay competitive and make each one feel like home.

With a near-crisis for affordable housing in Colorado and other parts of the United States. We have found these homes provide a viable and affordable option for many, diverse uses. For example:

  • Workforce housing
  • Mountain retreats
  • Hunting cabins
  • Vacation rentals
  • Private guest house for visiting family and friends
  • Outbuilding for farmers and ranchers
  • Construction offices for onsite projects
  • Senior housing – single level living
  • Artist studio
  • Beauty salon
  • Unique boutique

Who we are: The owner, David Harris is actively involved in the process to oversee that everything goes smoothly and done right. Our drivers are exceptional people who delivery on time and will work with our buyers to ensure they are happy before they leave.

Municipalities may not understand what these hybrid units are and how to categorize them, hence possibly making it a challenge to get necessary approvals. We don’t know every code for every area, however we will review the codes and requirement of your municipality and speak to them on your behalf to find common ground if any exists. We have an attorney on staff who is well versed with code, variances, zoning, etc.


  • Tour a model any time by scheduling an appointment with us at
  • Model is currently located off Highway 93 in the Denver foothills between Golden & Boulder, Colorado. We plan to have models in other parts of Colorado soon.

2009 TL Industries Park Model

  • 12’ x 34′ (12′ x 36′ with hitch)
  • 2”x 4” construction
  • 3-axle, steel base trailer frame
  • 18,000 pounds weight
  • Ranch-style: all one level, no loft
  • Exceptionally sturdy

Building Code

  • Officially a hybrid: both a RV and a mobile home – specialized park model home designed by US government
  • Built to 2009 RVIA requirements plus additional FEMA requirements
  • Home is not HUD certified because it is under 400 square feet (a HUD requirement)
  • Snow Load
    • FEMA “Snow Load Safety Guide” Our units were built “specifically” for FEMA in 2009.
    • Roof span comments: Additionally, the roofs are 12’ wide, placing them in a short-span roof category. FEMA P-957, section 3.2.1: “In general, short-span roof structures are less susceptible to excessive snow loading failure than long-span structures.”
    • Mobile Home Inst statement
    • Flagstaff
    • TLI Comments

“We believe it’s a non-issue due to our short span (less than 12’). Our units were built to FEMA specs to be utilized all over the United States. FEMA brought them to Minot, ND. And after 6 years of use in harsh climate, we have no experience with any roof failures or leaks. We’ve also spoken with two other owners of large TL Park Model inventories, and they also reported no snow load issues.”

We will always offer any municipality to inspect our units and voice their objections.  Our roofs have a well-ventilated roof design to help prevent ice-dams, per FEMA guidelines.


  • 2 exterior doors
  • 5 exterior windows – all dual pane, easy to clean
  • Asphalt shingle roof – dark grey
  • Vinyl siding all round – white
  • Tongue is removable after transportation
  • Utilities are accessed under the trailer about 10’ from the rear of the trailer; under the toilet for sewer and under electric panel for power.


  • 2 private bedrooms with closets
  • 1 bathroom with large walk-in shower, sink and porcelain toilet
  • Stone-like vinyl flooring throughout
  • Tan shades on pre-fab walls


  • Clean title, free and clear of encumbrances
  • Furnishings (may vary by unit)
    • 2 full size beds: frames, newer mattresses and box springs, linens & comforters
    • Newer Sofa or 2 Comfy Swivel Chairs
    • Dinette Set with 4 chairs
    • Microwave
    • Coffee Maker
    • Fully equipped kitchen: pots, pans, dishes, glasses, silverware, utensils
    • 40” flat screen TV
    • Dish Network satellite dish & receiver box
    • Each unit is pre-wired with a CAT5 internet cable. Cable is 50’ direct burial for easy installation
    • Additional household items: mop, broom, trash cans, area rugs, coffee table, night stands, drapes, 2 set of hand towels, bath towels, etc.
  • Appliances: Speed Queen washer & dryer, GE refrigerator, GE range, Rheem 30-gallon hot water tank
  • Bard commercial-grade 2-ton HVAC unit, forced-air (ductwork in ceiling)
  • 60-day warranty on all appliances


  • Delivery
  • Setup
  • Utility connecting
  • Skirting
  • Decking or stairs
  • Taxes
  • Titling with municipality

Transportation provided by our approved drivers at an additional cost

  • We provide these services. Please contact us for a quote to your property.
  • You may provide your own transportation. Please note: this unit should be towed by a professional driver with proper tow vehicle

Setup Guidelines

  • Blocking
  • Utilities – water, sewer, electric
  • GFI Access
  • Can be placed on the ground, concrete pad not required
  • Skirting
  • Stairs
  • Deck